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Extracting Video and Audio Elements of Any QuickTime Movie for Your Digital 196 Lifestyle Projects In either case, downloading QuickTime movies from the Web is quite simple. As an example, sup- pose that you want to use the sounds of a light saber duel as an alert sound. You can grab a QuickTime movie trailer from a Star Wars movie and then extract the sound (you'll learn how to do that part later in this chapter). Copyright--Not the Only Warning You'll Read in this Book As you go about gathering great QuickTime clips to use in your projects, keep in mind that most of the material you discover on the Web or in other places is protected by copyright (unless you have created that material yourself). Most copyrighted material prohibits you from distributing it in any form. Sometimes, you can legally use the material for your own purposes; in other words, if you keep it to yourself, no one is likely to complain (or to sue you!). As you locate QuickTime material that you want to use in your projects, be aware of copyright restrictions that might be placed on it; your projects will be limited by that copyright if you include that copyrighted material in them. Be especially careful if you intend to dis- tribute your projects over the Web or on CD or DVD. Basically, if you keep the material on your own Mac, you don't have to worry about copyright all that much. But, if you distribute material via any means, you need to be very much aware of copyright issues. I doubt anyone will come after you if you create one or two DVDs that you send to someone close to you for their viewing, but if you make your projects widely available, you really need to be aware of the copyright limits on source material that you use in those projects. Download a QuickTime Movie from the Web as a Source File 1. Find the QuickTime movie that you want to download. For example, visit ers/for lots of great movie trailers that are available as QuickTime movies.