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Digital Lifestyle Hardware: Digital Rules, Analog Drools 184 One type uses USB to connect directly to your Mac. This type is commonly mounted on a headset that you can wear and is frequently included with voice-recognition software. The headset type is very useful for recording narration because they are designed to capture voice sounds at a very high quality. The other type is a USB adapter than enables you to connect standard analog microphones to your Mac. This is useful because you can use any sort of microphone to capture sound, such as a focused microphone when you want to capture sound effects. NOTE You probably have noticed by now that most of the figures in this chapter are screenshots of Small Dog Electronics' Web site. Small Dog Electronics is a very pro-Mac retailer that offers an excellent selection of product (new, used, and refurbished), good prices, and ex- cellent service. Because they are so pro-Mac, I strongly recommend that you check Small Dog out whenever you need hardware or software. You can contact Small Dog at or 802-496-7171. Small Dog also provides several neat newsletters that you can sign up for; check out the Web site to do so. Display Devices Because you use them in each and every digital lifestyle project, the display (also known as monitor or more colloquially as the screen) you use is perhaps the most important device in your system (next to your Mac that is). The display you use is critical to both the creation of your projects and their display once they are created. The technology and terminology associated with displays is summarized in Table 7.4. Table 7.4. Display Device Technologies