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Digital Lifestyle Hardware: Digital Rules, Analog Drools 185 Initially, LCD displays didn't offer very good image quality, and they were also very expensive. They were used solely for their physical benefit; for example, they were small enough to be carried around. As the technology improved, the quality of the flat panel displays increased while their prices de- creased. Eventually, the quality/price balance overtook that of CRT monitors. Why Bigger Looks Smaller When you increase the display resolution that you are using, an interesting thing happens. The images and text that you see on the screen actually appear to get smaller. Why is this? A display has a fixed physical dimension, such as 17-inches. When you increase the res- olution being displayed, more pixels are being displayed in the same physical space (which is the display size of the monitor). Pixels don't have a physical size; they are simply a "dot" on the screen. When you increase the number of pixels in the same physical space, each pixel "gets smaller" thus enabling more pixels to be displayed on the screen. The amount of information you see (the total number of pixels) increases and thus your desktop looks much larger and you can see more of your documents at the same time. But, the size of everything decreases. Choosing the resolution at which you work requires you to trade off the amount of information you can see on the screen versus the size of the images and text that your eyes are comfortable viewing. The result of this evolution is that flat panel displays are becoming the standard; in fact, this is now the only type that Apple produces. And, if you have seen one, you know why. Flat panels are not only smaller than their CRT counterparts, but their image quality far exceeds any other type. Flat panel displays offer sharper, brighter, and more vivid images than other display types. There are two basic types of flat panel displays available for Macs, those produced by Apple and those produced by other companies. Apple's flat panel displays feature stylish design, superb image quality, and the Apple Display Con-