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Digital Lifestyle Hardware: Digital Rules, Analog Drools 179 Tape drives are relatively slow; they are much too slow for data on which you are actively working. In fact, tape drives are really only good for two purposes, which are to back up or archive your data. While being limited in scope, they excel in function. In fact, because tapes are relatively inexpensive for the large capacity they offer, a tape drive is the ultimate back-up and archival system. External FireWire tape drives are available for any Mac with a FireWire port. If protecting your data in the short-term and keeping it for the long term is important to you, consider adding a tape drive to your system. NOTE Tape drives usually include a copy of Retrospect so you get a complete back-up and archival system in one package. Digital Input Devices Moving data into your Mac is a critical part of the digital lifestyle. Digital data input devices that you should consider are the following: · · · · Digital video camera Digital still camera Scanner Microphone These devices enable you to capture content that you can use in your digital lifestyle projects. As with data storage devices, digital input devices share some common technology and terminology that is summarized in Table 7.3.