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Digital Lifestyle Hardware: Digital Rules, Analog Drools 181 consumer digitizing devices). Even better is a model that enables you to pass-through a signal so that you don't even have to record it with your DV camera because the signal passes through the DV camera into your Mac (via FireWire). This means that you get a higher-quality first gen- eration recoding in your IMovie movie rather than a second-generation recording (as you would if you have to record the video on the DV camcorder before you import it into iMovie). NOTE Some video cameras also enable you to capture still images (two devices in one). If this capability is important to you, check the resolution of the still images that the digital cam- corder is able to capture to make sure that it is high enough for your purposes. Digital Still Camera Second only to the DV camera in usefulness, the digital still camera enables you to capture still images to use in your digital lifestyle projects. A digital still camera offers many benefits over its film- based cousins, including the following: · Cost-free shooting. -- There is no film or development cost associated with images that you capture with a digital camera. You simply download the image from the camera to your Mac. Because each shot costs you literally nothing, you might find yourself being much more liberal with the capture button than with the shutter button on a film-based camera. It is easy to delete any images that aren't what you want, and poor shots don't cost you anything. This frees you to be more creative when you shoot photos. · Customization. Because the images that you capture are digital, you can use an image editing application to customize those images in any way that you can imagine. You can also easily correct flaws such as red-eye, bad background images, and so on.