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Designing a DVD > Planning Your DVD - Pg. 144

iDVD: The Power of a Movie Production House in Your Mac 144 Planning Your DVD To get started, organize your content by menu; think about a menu as being a folder for specific content, and you'll get the idea. Each menu appears in its own window on the DVD. For example, you might choose to group projects related to specific time periods on different menus, or you might want to put all of a DVD's movies on one menu while its slideshows appear on another. Remember that you can have up to six buttons on a single menu. Also remember that a button can represent a project (such as a movie) or a submenu (analogous to a subfolder on your desktop) that contains additional projects or submenus. Create a list of each menu and its contents so that you have a guide to design your DVD (see Figure 5.7). Each menu can have a name; use this name to help the viewer identify the type of content that is included under that menu. For each menu, list the specific files (as in QuickTime movie files), slideshows (that you will create with iDVD), or submenus that will appear on that menu.