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Creating Themes for DVD Menus > Create a Custom Theme - Pg. 154

iDVD: The Power of a Movie Production House in Your Mac 8. To apply a theme to the submenus, open the submenu and repeat Steps 3 through 7. TIP 154 If you want to apply the same theme to every menu on the DVD, choose Advanced, Apply Theme to Project. iDVD's default themes are okay, but you can express your own creativity by designing your own themes. After you have created a theme, you can save it as a favorite so that it will appear on the Themes tab (and thus, you will be able to reuse that theme at any time). TIP You can apply and modify iDVD's default themes and then save those modified themes as favorites. If one of the default themes is "close" to what you want, this can be a timesaving way of creating a theme. Create a Custom Theme 1. 2. Open the menu for which you want to create a custom theme. Open the drawer if it isn't open already (click the Theme button to open or close the drawer). You can also open or close the drawer by choosing Project, Show/Hide Theme Panel or by pressing Shift+ +B. Click the Customize tab (see Figure 5.16). You can use the tools on this tab to design your theme. The tab is organized into three areas: Background, which you use to apply a background to your theme; Title, which you use to format the menu's title; and Button, which you use to design the menu's buttons (you'll learn about designing buttons in the next section). At the top of the tab, you will see the Motion Duration slider that controls the length of time that motion effects play--if the theme has them. At the bottom, you will see the Save in Favorites button that you use to save a customized theme on the themes tab. TIP 3. Figure 5.16. The Customize tab contains tools that you can use to design your menu themes. 4. To apply an image or a movie clip to the theme's background, drag an image or movie file from the desktop to the Image/Movie well. For the image, you can use files of the usual types, such as JPEGs, TIFFs, and so on. For movie backgrounds, you can use QuickTime movie or DV files. The icon in the well will be replaced by a thumbnail view of the file you placed there.