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Create a Custom Theme > Create a Custom Theme - Pg. 155

iDVD: The Power of a Movie Production House in Your Mac 5. 155 To apply a soundtrack to the menu, drag an MP3 or AIFF file onto the Audio well. An icon that represents the audio file will be displayed in the well. TIP To remove a background movie, image, or soundtrack, drag its icon out of the respec- tive well. To replace a background movie, image, or soundtrack, drag a new file onto the respective well. 6. If either the background or soundtrack contains motion effects (video or soundtrack), use the Motion Duration slider to set the amount of time that the effects play until starting over--the maximum is 30 seconds. If you use a clip or audio file longer than 30 seconds, you can only play up to the first 30 seconds of the file. The motion effects will loop continuously while the menu is being displayed. For example, if you choose 10 seconds on the slide, the first 10 seconds of the background movie will play and then repeat. 7. Use the Title Position pop-up menu to set the location of the menu title. You can choose a specific location, such as Top Center. Or choose Custom and then drag the title to place it anywhere on the menu. Choose No Title to remove the title from the menu. 8. Use the Title Font pop-up menu to choose the font used in the menu title. 9. Use the Title Color pop-up menu to set the color of the menu's title. 10. Use the Title Size pop-up menu to choose the size of the text in the title. 11. If your theme uses motion effects, click the Motion button to preview them. The background movie and soundtrack will play. 12. Select another menu on the DVD and repeat Steps 4 through 11 to customize its theme. Con- tinue customizing themes until you have done each menu (see Figure 5.17).