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Creating and Hosting a Digital Lifestyle Web Site with iTools 318 Your Web site will be much better if you design it before you start clicking HomePage buttons to build it. A site design does not have to be complex. A simple sketch that identifies each site and its component pages will take only a few minutes to create and will save you time while creating your site--not to mention enabling you to create a site that makes more sense to people who visit it. Within each site, plan the types and numbers of pages you are going to create. You can start each site with a Site Menu page that provides a top-level view of the site and acts as that site's Home page. Then determine which other page types will be included. In this chapter, you will see examples of Movie, Photo Album, and F TP pages, but there are others you can add as well. One other factor to decide is whether you want to protect any of your sites with a password. If you protect a site, a viewer will have to have its password in order to be able to view the site. This enables you to control who has access to your Web site. If you want just anyone to be able to browse your site, leave it unprotected. TIP Your iTools Web site can include both protected and unprotected sites. When your site is designed, you are ready to use HomePage's tools to build it. Creating Sites on Your iTools Web Site Start by creating each site that will be part of your iTools Web site. Create the Sites that Compose Your iTools Web Site 1. Under the Sites list area of the HomePage page, click the + button. You will see the HomePage Create a Site page (see Figure 19.8). Figure 19.8. Use this page to create sites on your iTools Web site. 2. 3. 4. Enter the name of the site you are creating. You can't use any spaces in the site name, but you can use underscores, hyphens, and so on. The site name is case-sensitive so enter it just as you want it to be in the URL. Try to make the name appropriate for the contents of your site. If you want to password protect the site, check the On checkbox and enter the password for the site in the Password box. Check the information you have entered, and if it looks good, click the Create Site button. The site will be created, you will return to the HomePage page, and you will see the site in the Sites window.