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iPhoto: Not Your Father's Photo Album 3. 79 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Click the Book mode button. The Content pane will include two areas; at the top, you see the first image in the book, which will be its cover. In the lower part of the pane, you will see thumbnails of each page in the book. Choose a theme for the book on the Theme pop-up menu. The book will be redesigned into the theme you select. For example, if you choose Classic, large images will be placed on the pages in a neat and orderly fashion. Choosing Catalog results in thumbnails of each image. Use the Show checkboxes to turn various text on or off. For example, to hide the book's page numbers, uncheck the Page Numbers checkbox. Not all text appears in all book themes (for example, Titles don't appear in the Story Book theme, but they do in the Year Book theme). Select the first page in the book, which is the cover by default. You will see a large size version at the top of the pane. Choose a page design for that page on the Page Design pop-up menu. Typically, you will leave the first page as the Cover page design, but you can change it if you'd like. Edit the text on the page by clicking in the text box that appears on the page. When you do, the page view will be magnified so that it is easier to edit. I recommend that you leave the Show Guide checkbox checked because the guides make the location of text boxes obvious. Choose the next page in the book by clicking its thumbnail image. You will see its preview in the upper part of the pane. Choose a page design from the Page Design pop-up menu. For example, choose the number of images that you want to be displayed on that page. The choices that you have on this menu are determined by the theme of the book. Edit the text that appears on the selected page. To change the order in which images appear on a page or to change the page on which specific images appear, switch to the Organize mode and change the order of the images in the album