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Creating and Hosting a Digital Lifestyle Web Site with iTools 7. 8. 322 Click the Edit button. The text fields on the page will become editable. Edit the text on the page. Most picture pages contain a page title, an album title, and a de- scription. You can also edit each image's title, which is the file name by default. 9. Uncheck the Show checkbox for any images that you don't want to appear on the page. 10. Check the Show checkbox next to the counter symbol if you want the number of visitors to the page to be tracked. 11. Click the Preview button. You will see your page as it will appear on the Web (see Figure 19.12). Figure 19.12. This Photo Album page certainly won't make anyone proud-- but you get the idea I'm sure. 12. If something isn't right, click the Edit button to return to the Edit mode. 13. Continuing making changes and previewing the result until the page is right. You can even change the theme applied to a page. Click the Themes button to move to the Change your theme page. Select a new theme and when you return to the Web page, it will have a whole new look. 14. Click Publish. You will move to the confirmation page that tells you the page is now on the Web; its URL is also provided. You can visit the page by clicking the URL, send an announcement by clicking the iCards button, or return to the HomePage by clicking the Return to HomePage button. Creating Photo Album Pages A better way to publish photos from your iPhoto Library is to publish them directly from iPhoto. Publish a Photo Web Page from iPhoto TIP 1. 2. 3. Open iPhoto. Select the album that you created for the Web. Click the Share button.