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iDVD: The Power of a Movie Production House in Your Mac NOTE 151 7. You might notice that the images shown in Figure 5.13 have numbers for their names. When you export images from iPhoto, it uses a numeric value as the file name of each image. You can rename the images before you import them into iDVD if you want to. The names you give the files will appear in the File column in iDVD. However, the file names have no effect on the slideshow itself, so leaving them as you find them works, too (and is easier). If you want to change the order of any images in the window (and thus in the slideshow), drag the images up or down in the window and release the mouse button. As you move an image between other images, they will slide apart to "make room" for the images that you are moving. To remove an image from the slideshow, select it and press Delete. Continue reordering and deleting images until the window contains only the images that you want in the show in the order in which you want them to appear. Add a soundtrack to the slideshow by dragging an audio file, such as an MP3 that you have created with iTunes, onto the Audio well that is located next to the Slide Duration pop-up menu. You should choose music that "goes with" (according to your own artistic taste of course) the images and is about the length that you want the slideshow to be (you will match the duration of the slideshow to the length of the soundtrack). Now set the duration of the slideshow. If you add a soundtrack, the Slide Duration pop-up menu defaults to Fit To Audio that adjusts the amount of time that the images are displayed onscreen so that the total duration of the slideshow matches the length of the slideshow. For most sli- deshows you create, this is the best option. However, you can also choose the amount of time that you want each image to appear onscreen by choosing a value on the Slide Duration pop- up menu (such as 3 seconds). If you choose a duration, the soundtrack might end before or after all the images have been displayed. I recommend that you use the Fit To Audio for any 8. 9. 10. 11.