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Creating and Using Your Own Alert Sounds > Installing Alert Sounds - Pg. 246

Customizing Your Mac OS X Desktop with Digital Media 246 Figure 12.3. QuickTime Player appends the .aif file name extension to AIFF files that you export. 2. 3. 4. Select the .aif file and press +I to open its Info window. Choose Name & Extension on the pop-up menu. In the File system name box, change the file name extension from .aif to .aiff (see Figure 12.4). Figure 12.4. What a difference an "f " makes. 5. 6. Close the Info window. You will see a warning prompt explaining that changing the file name extension may cause the document to open in a different application. Click Use .aiff. The file name extension will be changed to .aiff, and the sound will be ready for you to install. Installing Alert Sounds There are two ways in which you can install alert sounds that you create. You can install them so that only specific users will be able to choose them, or you can install them so that anyone who uses your Mac will be able to choose them. Installing Alert Sounds for Individual Users Installing your alert sounds for individual users takes only a few mouse clicks.