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Creating a Slideshow > View Images in a Slideshow - Pg. 81

iPhoto: Not Your Father's Photo Album TIP 81 Each printer has its own set of printing options. You should explore the user manual included with your printer so you understand its options and how they impact the quality of images that you print. Printing images with the highest quality will take some experimentation with your specific printer, printer settings, paper, and so on. Minor changes in settings or using a different type of paper can have dramatic effects on the quality of the images that you print. I recommend that you spend some time printing with different combinations of printer settings and paper until you achieve the best results. Then, document the combination that works the best for you so that you can use those same settings the next time that you print images. TIP The paper on which you print images might be the single most important factor when it comes to image quality. You should use paper that is designed for printing photos to get the best results. Creating a Slideshow An iPhoto slideshow is a great way to view your images on your Mac. View Images in a Slideshow 1. Select a group of images that you want to see in a slideshow or choose an album to see all of its images in the show. (If you have a lot of time or not many photos, you can select your Photo Library to see all of your photos in the same slideshow).