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Create a Site Menu Page > Create a Site Menu Page - Pg. 326

Creating and Hosting a Digital Lifestyle Web Site with iTools 326 Figure 19.16. Use a Site Menu page to make your Web site easier to navigate. 8. 9. Click the Choose button. You will move to the Choose a file page, and you will see the contents of your Pictures folder on the My Images tab. In addition to this tab, you will see the My Movies tab and the Library tab. The Movies tab will contain the contents of your Movies folder. The Library tab contains some images provided by Apple that you can use to represent your Web pages. To select an image to represent the page, select the file that you want to use to represent the Web page. If you created a preview image folder and uploaded that folder to your Pictures folder on your iDisk, this is a simple task because all of your preview images will be in this folder. To open a folder, select it and click Open. You can preview images by selecting them and clicking Preview. TIP As you move into folders, the pop-up menu above the list of folders will become active. You can open this pop-up menu to choose other folders within the currently selected folder. 10. Select the image that you want to use and click Choose. You will return to the "Edit your page" page, and the image will appear in the Web page's box (see Figure 19.17).