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Converting the Soundtrack to MP3 > Convert the Soundtrack into MP3 - Pg. 229

Creating Soundtracks for Digital Lifestyle Projects 7. 229 Name the AIFF file, choose a location in which to save it, and click Save. QuickTime Player will export the file as an AIFF file. The progress dialog will inform you about the process. When this process is complete, the AIFF version of your soundtrack is ready for the project in which you want to use it. Converting the Soundtrack to MP3 Having your soundtrack in the MP3 format can also be useful. For example, you can choose an MP3 to use as a soundtrack when you play a slideshow in iPhoto. To convert your soundtrack into MP3, use the following steps. Convert the Soundtrack into MP3 1. 2. 3. 4. Launch iTunes. Make sure that the MP3 encoder is selected on the Importing tab of the iTunes Preferences window (see Chapter 2 for more information). Choose Advanced, Convert to MP3. In the resulting Choose Object dialog, move to the QuickTime or AIFF version of your sound- track, select it, and click Choose. The soundtrack will be imported into iTunes (see Figure 10.8).