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Converting the Soundtrack to AIFF > Convert the Soundtrack into AIFF - Pg. 228

Creating Soundtracks for Digital Lifestyle Projects 6. 7. 228 Choose None from the Compressor pop-up menu. Click the pop-up button at the right end of the Rate field and choose 48 kHz. This sets the sampling rate to as high as possible. 8. Make sure that the 16 bit and Stereo radio buttons are selected. 9. Click OK to close the Sound Settings dialog. 10. Click OK to close the Expert QuickTime Settings dialog. 11. Click Export. 12. In the resulting Export QuickTime Movie dialog, name your soundtrack movie, choose a location in which to save it, and click Save. iMovie will export your movie; the application will display a progress window to let you see how the export is proceeding. When the process is complete, you will have a QuickTime movie containing a very small video track and your soundtrack. After you have created the QuickTime version of your soundtrack, you need to get rid of the video track. Delete the Video Track from the Soundtrack Movie 1. 2. 3. Open the soundtrack movie that you created in QuickTime Player. Choose Edit, Delete Tracks. In the Delete Tracks dialog, select Video Track and click OK. The video track will be removed from the movie. Now, you have a QuickTime version of your soundtrack (see Figure 10.7). If the project for which you have created the soundtrack can work with QuickTime movie files, you are done and are ready