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Connecting Your Mac to a VCR > Connecting a PowerBook or iBook to a VCR - Pg. 289

Exporting Your Projects to Videotape 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 289 Move the DV camera to the black space before your iMovie project starts. Put the VHS tape that you are going to record your iMovie project on in the VCR and get it in the position at which you want to begin recording. Start recording on the VCR. Play the tape in the DV camera. When the project has finished, stop the DV camera and the VCR. Your project will be on the VHS tape, and you can view it on any VCR. Outputting Projects to Videotape Outside of iMovie For most projects, you should use the iMovie method to put that project on videotape. Using iMovie is very simple, and there are few technical hurdles for you to overcome. However, in some cases, you might want to record the output of your Mac directly to videotape. For example, you might want to record action that is happening on the screen, such as a series of steps you are performing. Or you might want to record a QuickTime movie directly to videotape without going through iMovie first. Or you might want to record the output of a non-digital lifestyle application, such as a PowerPoint presentation. Recording your Mac's output directly to videotape is either fairly easy if your Mac has the required video output hardware, or it will be a bit more complex if you will have to add hardware to your Mac to be able to do so. After you have the appropriate hardware, recording a project on videotape isn't hard. Connecting Your Mac to a VCR