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Chapter 9. Moving Your Digital Media int... > Moving Digital Data into and out of ... - Pg. 208

Moving Your Digital Media into and out of the Digital Lifestyle Applications 208 Moving Digital Data into and out of QuickTime Pro Of all the applications and services that you learn how to use in this book, QuickTime Pro can be considered the hub of everything you do in the digital lifestyle. Because QuickTime technology underlies all the digital lifestyle applications, it is accurate to say that without QuickTime, the digital lifestyle wouldn't exist. In addition to being the foundation upon which the digital lifestyle is built, QuickTime Player Pro provides an amazingly powerful set of tools you can use to translate almost any type of data into almost any format. When you need to change the format of a file for a digital lifestyle project, Quick- Time Pro should be your first stop. NOTE In this section, you will learn about many of the file formats that are supported by QuickTime Pro. However, I have included only those formats that you are most likely to use in your digital lifestyle projects. QuickTime actually supports even more file formats, believe it or not. Moving Image Files Into and Out of QuickTime Player Pro You probably associate QuickTime mostly with moving images, but it can also work with many types of still images just as well. Importing Image Files into QuickTime Player Pro You can open a wide variety of image files in QuickTime Pro as defined in Table 9.1. Table 9.1. Image File Formats You Can Open in QuickTime Player Pro