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Chapter 7. Digital Lifestyle Hardware: D... > Using Hardware for Your Digital Life... - Pg. 189

Digital Lifestyle Hardware: Digital Rules, Analog Drools NOTE 189 If you have a Power Mac, you can add a PCI sound card, such as the Creative Labs Soundblaster Live, to produce even better sound. These systems enable you to connect four or more speakers to your Mac so that you can have surround sound capabilities. Recording and Exporting Devices Recoding and exporting devices enable you to move your digital lifestyle projects outside of your Mac. These devices include the following: · DV Camera. A digital video camera can be the ultimate link between your Mac and other de- vices. For example, you can output your iMovie projects to the DV camera and then attach the camera to a VCR to record your projects to VHS tape, or you can connect your DV camera to your home theater to display your work. You can also use a DV camera to capture content from other sources, such as a VHS movie. · VCR. The VCR is also a useful addition to your digital lifestyle toolkit. Because VCRs are everywhere, putting your projects on videotape is a great way to make them available for viewing. ( You'll learn how to get your projects on videotape in Chapter 16, " Exporting Your Projects to Videotape .") · iPod. The iPod is not only a great way to take your music collection with you--you can also put any sounds that you have created on the iPod so that sound goes with you. For example, sup- pose you captured a concert that you attended using your DV camera and wanted to be able to listen to the music that you recorded. You can move the music from iMovie to iTunes and then onto the iPod. You can also use the iPod to move audio files from one Mac to another. NOTE