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Chapter 6. iTools: Maybe the Only Intern... > Working with Your iDisk - Pg. 167

iTools: Maybe the Only Internet Tool You Ever Need 167 Working with Your iDisk Your iDisk provides you with hard disk storage space on servers that Apple maintains for you. This storage space is where you store content that you place on a Web site that you create with the iTools HomePage service. You can also use your iDisk to share files with other users. TIP You can use your iDisk as a place to back up important files. Just store them on your iDisk, and you can retrieve them from any computer that you can use to access your iTools ac- count. Your free iTools account includes up to 20MB of storage space on your iDisk. If you plan to create a Web site with much content, especially content from your digital lifestyle projects, this space won't be enough. Fortunately, you can upgrade your iDisk storage space economically. At the time of the writing, the cost was about $1/MB per year up to 1 GB. Lack of Speed Sometimes Kills (Your Patience, That Is) Using an iDisk over a slow Internet connection can be an exercise in futility. When you move files to an iDisk--especially movie files--you move a large amount of data from your com- puter to the iDisk. Using a dial-up account or other slow Internet connection, this can be quite frustrating--even simple tasks such as opening the iDisk can seem to take forever. If you use a dial-up connection to the Internet, try to use the iDisk at less popular times of the day (such as early in the morning) so that the performance will be as good as it gets. The speed might still annoy you, but at least you stand a better chance of being able to tolerate it. The good news is that using the iDisk is much faster under Mac OS X than it was using previous versions of the Mac OS.