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Chapter 6. iTools: Maybe the Only Intern... > The iTools Way - Pg. 162

162 Chapter 6. iTools: Maybe the Only Internet Tool You Ever Need iTools is a suite of Internet services that is provided by Apple for people who use Mac OS 9 and later versions (at no charge by the way!). This suite includes an email account, a virtual disk on which you can store files (called iDisk), and, most importantly for the purpose of this book, a Web site. You can use your iTools Web site to display your digital lifestyle projects, provide files for people to download, and so on. While it's not an application that you store on your Mac like iTunes, iMovie, or iDVD, iTools is an equally important part of the digital lifestyle. NOTE By the way, only Mac users can access iTools services, but Windows users can benefit from the great content that Mac users create with iTools, such as an iTools Web site. The iTools Way The three primary iTools services are the following: · Email. Using iTools provides you with a free account that you can use to send and receive email. The really cool thing about an iTools email account is that your address ends in "" When you use an iTools email account, you show the world that you are proud to be a Mac user. · iDisk. The iDisk is a virtual disk space that you can use to store files on servers maintained by Apple. As you will learn in this chapter, you can use your iDisk in a number of ways. · HomePage. The HomePage service enables you to design, create, and publish a Web site or a group of Web sites that can contain your digital lifestyle content. The tools with which you build a site are very simple to use, and you don't need to learn any HTML, nor do you even need to learn to use an application. This is because you can build your Web sites by using Apple's Web- based tools. All three of these services are extremely useful, but for the purposes of the digital lifestyle, you'll learn about iDisk and Homepage in the remainder of this chapter. You will use your iDisk to store your digital lifestyle content, and you will use HomePage to build a cool Web site to show off your creations. Putting iTools to Work for You The only requirements for using iTools are the following: · A Mac running Mac OS X or Mac OS 9. · An iTools account configured on your Mac. Since you are reading this book, the first requirement doesn't require an additional explanation-- you are already using the best digital lifestyle computer, so take full advantage of it!