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Chapter 4. iMovie: The Swiss Army Knife ... > Exporting Your Movie - Pg. 134

iMovie: The Swiss Army Knife of Digital Video Software 134 Figure 4.29. Locked icons indicate that audio has been locked to specific points in the video track. When audio has been locked to a Playhead position, when the movie plays and that position is reached, the audio will play, even if you change the video track (such as by removing frames from a clip). To unlock an audio clip again, select it and choose Advanced, Unlock Audio Clip (or press +L). Exporting Your Movie The only point of making a movie is to be able to watch it yourself and to share it with others. While you can watch a movie in iMovie (use the Play Full Screen button to play it in full screen mode), the application is not really designed as a movie player. You can export your finished movie in three basic ways: · To Videotape. You can record your movie back to your DV camera so that you can then record it on VHS tapes. · To QuickTime. You can create QuickTime versions of your movie to send to others, put on the Web, place on CD-R, put in documents, and so on. You can use QuickTime Player or other applications to watch these versions. · For iDVD. You can export your movies for iDVD so that you can view them on most standard DVD players (and also by using a DVD-ROM equipped Mac). Working iMovie Like a Hollywood Pro In creating a movie, there are literally hundreds of tasks that you will do. While you can use your mouse to do any of these tasks, using a mouse is relatively inefficient. As you become more iMovie-savvy, try to learn to use the keyboard as much as possible. This will help you work more efficiently so that you can complete projects faster. And the keyboard often en- ables you to work more precisely so your movie is better than it might have been. Table 4.11 lists the most important keyboard shortcuts that you should learn and use. The techniques required to output your movies in these ways are described in detail in Chapters 16 through 19.