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Chapter 2. iTunes: Burning Down the Hous... > Using iTunes for Your Digital Lifest... - Pg. 54

iTunes: Burning Down the House 54 Figure 2.21. You use the iPod Preferences window to configure how you man age your iPod music collection. · Automatically update all songs and playlists. When this option is selected, the entire iTunes music Library will be synchronized with the music on the iPod each time that you connect the iPod to your Mac. This means that the iPod contains a mirror image of the music that you are managing in iTunes. · Automatically update selected playlists only. When you choose this option, you select the play- lists that you want to be updated. When you connect the iPod to your Mac, only the selected playlists are synchronized. This option is useful if there is music in iTunes that you don't really want to carry with you or when you can't fit your entire iTunes Library on the iPod. Create the playlists that you want to keep on the iPod and then have them synchronized automatically. · Manually manage songs and playlists. With this option, you must manually move songs to the iPod; you do this just like you do for "regular" MP3 players. · Open iTunes when attached. With this button selected, iTunes will open when you attach an iPod to your Mac. · Enable FireWire disk use. You can use your iPod as an external FireWire hard disk. To do so, check this checkbox and also the "Manually manage songs and playlists" radio button. When you attach the iPod to your Mac, you can work with it just like other hard disks. ( You can't use this method to transfer music to the iPod, though; instead you must use iTunes to do that.) · Only update checked songs. This option enables you to prevent songs from being copied to the iPod. Check this checkbox and then uncheck the checkbox next to any songs that you don't want to be copied to the iPod. That is really all there is to it. The Apple iPod is one of those rare devices that really does work as well as the marketing information claims it will. If you are at all serious about having a mobile music collection, check out the iPod. NOTE For more information on the iPod, see Using iTunes for Your Digital Lifestyle Projects iTunes is a fundamental part of your digital lifestyle toolkit. In addition to listening to and managing all of your music, you will use iTunes to do the following tasks: · Capture music from audio CDs in the MP3 format for use in your projects. · Translate audio between formats (such as AIFF to MP3). · Put your iMovie soundtracks on a CD.