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Chapter 2. iTunes: Burning Down the House > The iTunes Way - Pg. 26

26 Chapter 2. iTunes: Burning Down the House Music is one of the most important parts of the digital lifestyle. From listening to your favorite tunes while you surf the Web to creating soundtracks for your digital lifestyle projects to taking your music collection with you when you are on the move, music makes every aspect of your own digital lifestyle better. With iTunes, you can take complete control over the music in your digital life. iTunes is a powerful digital music application that enables you to do just about anything with your music, including the following tasks: · · · · · · · Manage your entire music collection Listen to audio CDs, Internet audio, and MP3 Convert music to and from various audio formats (the most important of which is MP3) Create and manage custom playlists Burn audio and MP3 CDs Download music to a portable MP3 player (the best of which is the iPod) Convert music into formats you need for your digital lifestyle projects The iTunes Way Mastering your digital music with iTunes is key to being able to make your digital lifestyle what you want it to be. Fortunately, iTunes is very well designed and after you become familiar with its inter- face, you'll probably wonder how you ever got along without it. In this section, you'll learn your way around iTunes and also learn about the amazing things it can do for you. When you are working with music and sound for your digital lifestyle projects, there are four primary audio file formats with which you will work. Before you jump into iTunes, take a few moments to become familiar with each of these formats. CD Audio This is the "native" file format for audio that is recorded on standard audio CDs. You aren't likely to be working with this format directly very much as you will convert it to other formats when you use this type of audio in your projects. The CD Audio format offers very high quality sound, but the file size that comes along with that quality is quite large. For example, a 3-minute song is about 32MB. CD Audio files have the file extension .cdda.