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Chapter 20. Organizing and Archiving You... > Cleaning Up After Your Projects - Pg. 331

331 Chapter 20. Organizing and Archiving Your Digital Media After the fun and excitement of creating lots of digital lifestyle projects, you'll discover some not-so- pleasant facts about living the digital lifestyle. One is that many projects generate a lot of files. Another is that some of the files are big, and some are really big. Yet a third discovery will be that no matter how much hard drive space you have, you don't have enough disk space to keep all of the files that you generate. All these discoveries should lead you to the conclusion that even the digital lifestyle requires some housecleaning now and again. After you finish projects, you should take some time to figure out what to do with the files that those projects have generated. Housecleaning in the digital lifestyle consists of three general tasks: · Cleaning up after projects to determine what to do with the files you have generated · Organizing and cataloging the files you will keep