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Chapter 1. QuickTime Pro: Making It All ... > Editing QuickTime Movies - Pg. 16

QuickTime Pro: Making It All Happen 16 Editing QuickTime Movies You can use QuickTime Player Pro to change the contents of existing QuickTime movies and to create new movies. QuickTime Player's editing tools are somewhat limited when compared to other applications, such as iMovie, so you will probably use other tools to do extensive editing work. What QuickTime Player's editing tools are useful for is the preparation of source material for your projects. You can remove unwanted material from a movie, add bits and pieces from other movies to build a new QuickTime movie, and so on. Editing QuickTime movies is very similar to editing material in other applications; mostly, you will cut and paste frames from movies. You can also manipulate individual tracks of QuickTime movies. Removing Material from QuickTime Movies For the purposes of creating source material for your projects, one of the most useful tasks is to be able to remove unwanted material from a movie. About the only tricky part of this is learning to use QuickTime Player's selection tools; after that, it is purely a matter of cutting the material you don't want to leave in the source file. When you use QuickTime Player to remove material from a movie, you can use the following steps. Trim the Content in a QuickTime Movie 1. 2. 3. Open the movie with which you want to work. Now make a copy of it so that you can go back to the original if you need to. Choose File, Save As. Name the movie, choose a location in which to save it, select the "Make movie self-contained"