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Chapter 19. Creating and Hosting a Digit... > Testing Your iTools Web Site - Pg. 328

Creating and Hosting a Digital Lifestyle Web Site with iTools 328 · Remove page from menu. Click the ­ button to remove a page from the menu. When you do this, the page itself is not affected. It just no longer appears on the site menu. · Edit Link button. You use this button to link a page preview to a Web page. When you create a site menu page, each page on your Web site is represented on the site menu. However, you can add more pages to the site menu. When you click a page's Edit Link button, you will see the Edit your links page. This page has three tabs: My Pages, Other Pages, and Email. To link the preview to one of your pages, click the My Pages tab, select the page to which you want to link the preview, and click Apply. To link the preview to a page elsewhere on the Internet, click the Other Pages tab, enter the URL for the site to which you are linking it, and click Apply. To link the preview to an email address, click the Email tab, enter the email address, and click Apply. To choose one of your movies as the page preview, do the following steps. Choose a Movie as a Page Preview 1. 2. 3. Click the Choose button for the page. On the Choose a file page, click the My Movies tab. Select the movie that you want to use as a preview of the page and click Choose. You will return to the Edit your page page, and the QuickTime logo will appear in the page preview. To use an image from Apple's Library to represent a page, do the following steps. Choose an Apple Library Image to Represent a Page 1. Click the Choose button for the page.