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Creating and Hosting a Digital Lifestyle Web Site with iTools 330 · To change a site, select it and click Edit. On the resulting Edit your site page, you can rename the site, make it password protected, and make the site the start site for your iTools Web site (similar to making a page a start page on a specific Web site). When you are done making changes, click Apply Changes to update the site. · To delete a page from a site, select it and click -. After you confirm the deletion, the page will be removed from your site. · To edit an existing page, select it and click Edit. You will move to the familiar Edit your page page. · You move pages between Web sites by selecting a page and dragging it to another site. Other Ways to Create and Post a Digital Lifestyle Web Site With Mac OS X, you aren't limited to using HomePage to build and host a Web site. Here are some of your other options: · Use a Web site tool to create your own Web site. You can use any Web page/site creation tool to build a Web site. Put the Web site in the Sites folder on your iDisk, and the site that you create will be available like sites that you create with the HomePage tool. This means that you can use more sophisticated tools, such as Adobe's GoLive, to build a Web site that is more distinctly yours. To learn how to post a Web site that you created outside of HomePage, check out the help available to you on the iTools site. · Use Mac OS X's built-in Web server to host a Web site. Mac OS X includes the Apache Web server software that enables you to host Web sites right from your Mac. While the details of this process are beyond the scope of this book, a couple of sentences will give you the general idea. You build your site by using any tools that you would like. Then you place your site in the Sites folder located in your Home folder. Lastly, you use the Sharing pane of the System Preferences utility to turn Web sharing on. At that point, your Web site becomes available to anyone who can access your Mac, such as from a local network or even from the Internet (assuming your Mac is connected to the Internet in a way that makes this possible). For more detailed information, see my book Special Edition Using Mac OS X. · Use other hosting services. There are thousands of other companies that will host a Web site that you create. Some of these companies also provide software that you can use to build your site, similar to Apple's HomePage service, while others require that you use your own tools to build a site. Some of these services are free, but the free sites usually offer limited storage space or require that you allow advertising on your site. Some services will also register a domain name for you so that the URL to your site can be something that you choose. To learn about some of these companies, use Sherlock to search the Internet for Web hosting services