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Chapter 18. Putting Your Projects on DVD > Creating a DVD with the Finder - Pg. 305

Putting Your Projects on DVD 305 Using iDVD does have a couple of drawbacks. The biggest is that it converts everything that you place on the DVD into the 640 × 480 format, which can lower the resolution of your images (in slideshows and QuickTime movies). If you view the DVD on a standard analog television, you prob- ably won't notice, but the reduced resolution can be very noticeable on a computer. The other drawback to using iDVD is that you are pretty much limited to QuickTime movies or slideshows. (Of course, since you now know how many types of media you can convert into QuickTime, this isn't all that severe a limitation.) Using the Finder to Create Your DVDs Using the Finder to burn a DVD enables you to place any file on a DVD so there are no limits to what you can include on it. The Finder's other benefit is that you aren't limited to a specific resolution for your projects; using the techniques you learned earlier in this book, you can create high-reso- lution versions of your projects. Because you can store up to 4.7GB on a single DVD, it is likely that even the highest-resolution project that you create will fit on a single DVD. The "cons" of using the Finder are significant. The biggest is that the DVDs you create can be used only on a computer. Another is that your projects won't have a cool interface like they do when you use iDVD to create a DVD; your disc will look and act just like any other volume opened in a Finder window. This means more work for the viewer, and the viewer has to understand how to use the files that you provide (such as how to view a QuickTime movie). Choosing the Right Tool for the Job Choosing which tool to use isn't all that tough. If you want the DVD to be viewable in most DVD players, the choice is simple--use iDVD. If you intend for the DVD to be used on computers only, the choice becomes just a bit more difficult. You have to balance iDVD's ability to create a "pack-