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Chapter 17. Putting Your Projects on CD > Using the Finder to Put Projects on C... - Pg. 301

Putting Your Projects on CD 301 Using the Finder to Put Projects on CD One of the cool features of Mac OS X is that you can burn CDs directly from the desktop by drag- and-drop (try that one on a Windows PC!). Burning CDs from the desktop is as simple as using a floppy disk was way back in the day when floppy disks were part of the Mac experience. NOTE CDs are a great way to archive projects on which you are no longer working along with projects files that you don't want to store on your hard drive, but that you want to save. You'll learn about organizing and archiving your digital lifestyle files in Chapter 20, " Organizing and Archiving Your Digital Media ." Burning a CD from the Finder requires the following general tasks: 1. 2. 3. Prepare the CD's contents by placing the files on the CD. Burn the CD. Test the CD. NOTE There are also CD burning applications, such as Roxio's Toast, that provide more features than the Finder's CD burning feature does (such as creating VCDs). To explore Toast, check out However, try using the Finder's CD burning capabilities before buying a dedicated application; you'll likely find that the Finder is the only CD burning application that you'll ever need.