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Chapter 15. Building Digital Lifestyle S... > Building a Slideshow Using the iDVD ... - Pg. 274

Building Digital Lifestyle Slideshows TIP 274 Because you can't change the duration for a group of images at the same time, you have to do so for each image individually. This can be a pain so make sure that the default duration is set to an appropriate value before you import your images into iMovie. You do this on the Import tab of the iMovie Preferences dialog. Adding Music and Other Sound to the Show Again, using iMovie to build a soundtrack for a slideshow is just like building a soundtrack for any other movie that you create. (See Chapter 4 for the details.) TIP Just as you can add still images to a movie, you can add video clips to a slideshow. Exporting the Show from iMovie After you have finished your slideshow, you can export it in the following three ways (again, just like movies that you create in iMovie): · Export to Videotape · Export to QuickTime · Export for iDVD The details of exporting movies and slideshows for each of these formats are explained in Chapters 16 through 18. Building a Slideshow Using the iDVD Method Putting your slideshows on DVD is a great way to be able to show them easily. Since most people now have a DVD player, you can take the slideshow almost anywhere. And, of course, you can also show the slideshow on any computer that is equipped with a DVD drive. The iDVD method suffers from two major drawbacks and a few less major ones. One is that using iDVD to build a slideshow causes the images to be resized, just like building one in iMovie does. The resulting loss in image quality might be acceptable to you or it might not be. The best way to tell if this is an issue for you is to try it to see for yourself. NOTE Of course, displaying images on an analog television screen will usually make the images look worse than they do on a computer monitor. A computer monitor usually is set to have much higher resolution than analog televisions (which are equivalent to a 640 × 480). When your images are displayed on an analog television screen, they will look fuzzy compared to the same images at a higher resolution on your monitor even if you create a slideshow using a higher resolution. The other major drawback is that the slideshow you create can only be displayed on DVD; however, with the iMovie or Combo methods, you can choose from a variety of export options. The minor drawbacks are that you have to work harder to add title slides and adding transitions or special effects is nearly impossible. Prepping Your Images for iDVD You prepare your images for an iDVD slideshow in the same way that you prepare them for an iMovie slideshow. See the section called " Prepping Images for iMovie " earlier in this chapter for the details.