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Chapter 15. Building Digital Lifestyle S... > Building a Slideshow the iMovie Way - Pg. 271

Building Digital Lifestyle Slideshows 271 Building a Slideshow the iMovie Way Creating a slideshow in iMovie is really not much different than creating a movie in iMovie. In fact, saying it is not much different is to emphasize the difference too much. There is only one difference, and that is setting the duration of the images, which is to set the amount of time that each image appears on the screen. The iMovie method offers many benefits, such as being able to easily add transitions, titles, and special effects to your slideshow. Plus, you can use iMovie's audio tools to build the soundtrack at the same time that you build the slideshow itself. Also, you can export the slideshow in many formats. Finally, building a slideshow in iMovie is the easiest and fastest method. The potential drawback to this method is the image quality of the slideshow (you'll learn more about this shortly). Prepping Images for iMovie Before you move your images into iMovie, it is a good idea to resize them to the 640 × 480 proportion; the images don't have to be this size, but they should have the same proportion (which is 1.33333 × 1). That is because iMovie will resize your images to 640 × 480 when you import them. If the proportions of your images match this, iMovie won't do any scaling. And, trust me on this one--you don't really want iMovie to scale your images. Sometimes, it will make a mess of otherwise decent images. TIP If you are using images from your iPhoto Library, create an album for the slideshow and place all the images that you will use in this album. Then you can easily export the images