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Chapter 13. Adding Digital Tricks to iMo... > Adding Transitions, Titles, and Effe... - Pg. 254

254 Chapter 13. Adding Digital Tricks to iMovie's Bag As you learned back in Chapter 4, " iMovie: The Swiss Army Knife of Digital Video Software ," and have seen in other places in this book, iMovie is a great application that enables you to do awesome things with your digital lifestyle movies. "Out of the box" iMovie includes lots of neat tools that you can use to create amazing movies. But wait, there's more. You can add to iMovie's tool set to do even more with your movies. In this chapter, you'll learn how to do the following tasks: · · · · · · Add more transition, title, and special effects with Apple's iMovie Plug-in Pack Create titles over backgrounds other than the basic black that is available in iMovie by default Add sound effects that others have created Use iMovie to create sound effects Use other applications to create sound effects Add the sound effects that you create to iMovie's Audio palette so that you can easily include them in your movies What You Need for This Project To add to iMovie's bag of tricks, you need to have the following: · · · · iMovie (duh) Apple's Plug-in Pack An image editing or painting program (to create new backgrounds) QuickTime Pro to capture sound effects and to translate sound into AIFF Adding Transitions, Titles, and Effects As you've learned to use iMovie, you have seen how impressive its effects can be. iMovie includes a number of transitions, titles, and special effects that you can use in your movies. That's the good news. The even better news is that you can expand the effects available to you. Adding the iMovie Plug-in Pack Apple provides additional effects that you can download and install in iMovie to provide additional effects to you. Download the iMovie Plug-in Pack 1. Move to