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Chapter 12. Customizing Your Mac OS X De... > Creating and Using Your Own Screen S... - Pg. 251

Customizing Your Mac OS X Desktop with Digital Media 251 You can also choose desktop images using the other tools on the Desktop pane of the System Preferences utility. To preview all the images in a folder (called collections in Desktop lingo), select the collection that you want to view on the Collection pop-up menu. The images in the collection will appear in thumbnails along the bottom of the pane. You can choose an image by selecting it--when you do, the image will be placed in the Image well and on the desktop. The default image collections are the following: · · · · Apple Background Images Nature Abstract Solid Colors The other options on the pop-up menu are Pictures Folder and Choose Folder. If you select Pictures Folder, you will see the images are at the root of your Pictures folder (if images are contained in subfolders, they won't be shown). If you select Choose Folder, you can select any folder that you can access. When you choose a folder, the images that can be used as desktop pictures will be shown. TIP When you use the Choose Folder option to select a folder, that folder is added to the Col- lections pop-up menu until you choose a different folder (the Collections pop-up menu re- members only one of your folders at a time). Unfortunately, the current version of Mac OS X does not allow you to apply a folder of images, whereby your Mac chooses a different image each time you start up or log in. Previous versions of the Mac OS included this feature, so hopefully future versions will include it again. If you want to be able to rotate desktop images automatically, you will need to install an application to provide this