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Chapter 11. Adding Video and Sound from ... > Using Captured Content in Your Digit... - Pg. 241

Adding Video and Sound from Movies or Television Shows to Your Digital Life- 241 style Projects If you do have an NVidia graphics card, you can use Ambrosia Software's excellent screen capture utility Snapz Pro X to capture images when you play a DVD in OS X's DVD Player application. (In fact, all the screenshots in this book were captured with Snapz Pro). To download a copy of Snapz Pro, visit, click the Utilities tab, and look for the Snapz Pro X section. Download and install the application on your Mac. (You can use the application on a trial basis for 30 days; after that you need to register it, which costs about $30 without QuickTime movie support.) After you have installed and configured Snapz Pro, using it to capture a DVD image is simple. Capture a Still Image from a DVD By Using Snapz Pro X 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Insert the DVD containing the image that you want to capture and play it in the DVD Player application using the full-screen mode. When you get to an image that you want to capture, pause the DVD using DVD Player's controls. Hide DVD Player's Controller and Info window if they are visible. Launch Snapz Pro X and activate it (by default, you press iconid=p450001+Shift+3 to do so, but you can set any hot keys that you want). The Snapz Pro X window will appear. Click the Screen button. In the resulting dialog, name the image you are capturing. Press Return. The image will be captured and placed in your Pictures folder-- unless you tell Snapz Pro X to store it elsewhere (see Figure 11.4). You can use this image in your digital lifestyle projects or anywhere else for that matter.