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Chapter 11. Adding Video and Sound from ... > Capturing Content from VHS - Pg. 235

Adding Video and Sound from Movies or Television Shows to Your Digital Life- style Projects · QuickTime Pro · iMovie 235 Mining Sources of Content There are lots of great sources of content out there. The four sources that you'll learn about in this chapter are the following: · Television. While most of television, whether broadcast, satellite, or cable, is a wasteland, there are a few gems that contain material you might want to include in your digital lifestyle projects. With a VCR and a DV camera, you can capture television content easily. · Movies or television shows on VHS. Most anything that is on a VHS tape can be easily brought into the digital lifestyle. And since there are so many types of tapes out there, the VHS world can be your oyster. · Movies or television shows on DVD. The DVD format has taken the world by storm, and with good reason. With its amazing quality and great special features, DVD is the media of choice for audio and video enthusiasts. · QuickTime content. As you have seen in other parts of this book, lots of great content is avail- able in the QuickTime format. You can find this content primarily on the Web, but QuickTime is also widely used on CD-ROMs and other sources. Including QuickTime material in your projects is a trivial exercise. Why a FireWire DV Camera Might Be the Only Digitizing System You'll Ever Need In the olden, predigital lifestyle days, capturing content from VCRs, camcorders, and other sources so that you could work with it on a computer was a real pain. Because the content