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Adding Video and Sound from Movies or Television Shows to Your Digital Life- 242 style Projects · Import content into iMovie and use it in your iMovie projects. · Use images from your favorite movies as menu elements on a DVD that you create in iDVD. · Add audio and video elements from your favorite movies and television shows to your desktop (you'll learn how in the next chapter). Making a Resolution (Change That Is) When capturing content from movies (whether on VHS or DVD), the format in which that movie was created becomes important. The standard format for analog television is 4 × 3 while movies are shot in 16 × 9 or widescreen format. If you mix the formats in an iMovie project for example, the results might not be too pleasing as the application scales the content to match its current format. You can use QuickTime Pro to resize content to better match the format of the project in which you are using it. To learn how to do that, see Chapter 1.