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Chapter 10. Creating Soundtracks for Dig... > Adding the Soundtrack to a Digital L... - Pg. 230

Creating Soundtracks for Digital Lifestyle Projects 230 Figure 10.9. By setting the artist name to your name, you can easily find your soundtrack by searching your iTunes Library for your name. 8. Open the following folders: Home, Documents, iTunes, iTunes Music, Unknown Artist, and finally the Unknown Album folder. You will see the MP3 version of your soundtrack (see Figure 10.10). Figure 10.10. While the album might be unknown, the soundtrack certainly isn't. 9. Drag the MP3 file to a location from which you will use it (such as a folder for the project for which you have created it). TIP If you want to leave the soundtrack file in your iTunes Library, make sure that you make a copy of it when you move it (hold the Option key down while you drag the file to a new location). If you don't want to keep the soundtrack in your iTunes Library, move back into iTunes and delete it. Adding the Soundtrack to a Digital Lifestyle Project Since you created your soundtrack for a project, you might as well use it. Table 10.1 provides a summary of how you can use the soundtrack in various digital lifestyle applications. Table 10.1. How to Use Your Soundtrack in Various Digital Lifestyle Applications Soundtrack Format to Use .mov .aif Application QuickTime How to Add the Soundtrack to a project Open either version of the soundtrack. Choose Edit, Select All and then choose Edit, Copy. Move to the QuickTime movie to which you want to add the soundtrack and choose Edit Add. The soundtrack will be added to the QuickTime movie as a new soundtrack.