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Creating Soundtracks for Digital Lifestyle Projects 10. Select the variation you want to preview and click the Play button. The music will play along with the movie in the application's movie window so you can see how well the music matches the project. 11. Continue previewing options until you find the one that is best. 12. Click Finish. The application will create the soundtrack for you and match it to the movie's length. You can then either save the music with the movie or export the sound- track as a QuickTime movie. This brief example just scratches the surface of what Sonicfire can do. For example, you can easily create segments of a soundtrack and include different music in each segment. As with an entire movie, the application automatically fits the music to the segment. Note: You can also import your own music to use in Sonicfire, although the results you get aren't quite as spectacular as they when you use music from the SmartSound collection. The only downside to the application is that it costs about $349 for the application and a couple of music CDs. Additional CDs are about $69 or $129 depending on the quality that you select. However, if you want to create amazing soundtracks that sound as if they came from a professional studio, the results you get will be more than worth the investment you have to make to get the application. For more information about this great tool, visit dex.html. In addition to lots of detailed information about the application, you can also order a copy. 233