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Creating Soundtracks for Digital Lifestyle Projects Soundtrack Format to Use .mp3 231 Application iPhoto in Slideshow Mode How to Add the Soundtrack to a project Select the photos that you want to display in a slideshow. Click the Share button and then click the Slide Show button. In the Slide Show Settings dialog, choose Other on the Music popup menu. Move to the MP3 version of your soundtrack, select it, and click Open. Click OK. When the slideshow plays, so will your soundtrack. Import the soundtrack into the movie using the File, Import File command. Drag the MP3 file to the Audio well in the Slideshow window. Drag the MP3 file onto the Audio well on the Customize tab. iMovie iDVD When Creat- ing a Slideshow iDVD to Add Sound to a Menu .aif .mp3 .mp3 .mp3 TIP You can also add the MP3 version of your soundtrack to iPhoto's Music pop-up menu. See Chapter 3 for the detailed steps to do this. Creating Soundtracks Like a Pro You can build very complex and complete soundtracks using the digital lifestyle applica- tions, particularly iMovie. However, matching a soundtrack to a project's content and length can require a substantial amount of time and effort on your part. That is where Sonic Desk- top's SmartSound Sonicfire Pro comes in. This amazing application helps you create very high quality soundtracks for any QuickTime project. Because it is not part of the digital lifestyle applications and costs additional money, I didn't include a chapter on it in Part I. However, this third-party application is (one of the