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Changing a Clip's Information > Rename a Clip - Pg. 110

iMovie: The Swiss Army Knife of Digital Video Software 110 Hacking (AKA Editing) Your Clips After you have your source material (your clips) stored on the Shelf, you should edit them. Your goals should include the following: · · · · · Preview clips you want to include in the movie. Delete any clips you won't use. Rename clips that will appear in your movie and get information about them. Split clips into parts so you can work with each part individually. Edit any clips you will use in your movie. Previewing Clips To preview a clip, do the following steps. Preview a Clip 1. Select a clip by clicking it on the Shelf. The clip is highlighted with a yellow border, which means that the clip is selected. More telling is the first frame of the clip that shows in the Monitor. Also notice that when you select a clip, iMovie also moves into the Edit mode, in which you can manipulate your clips (if it isn't in the Edit mode, slide the Camera/Edit switch to the right). Use the iMovie controls to play the clip, to rewind it, and so on. One of the fastest ways to preview a clip is by clicking the Preview (Fast Forward) button. Decide if the clip has usable material in it or not. TIP 2. 3. Remember that there are many ways to move around a clip. You can use the play controls, drag the Playhead, and use the keyboard shortcuts. Get really comfortable moving around because this is one of the most important skills you need to learn. Deleting Clips When you identify clips that you aren't going to use in your movie, it is best to get rid of them right away so that they aren't wasting disk space. Delete a Clip 1. 2. 3. Select the clip. Press the Delete key. The clip will be moved to the Trash. Continue deleting clips until you have rid your projects of the useless clips. TIP You can also delete a clip by dragging it from the Shelf to the iMovie Trash. Changing a Clip's Information iMovie enables you to rename clips so that they have more meaningful names than those assigned by iMovie. Rename a Clip 1. 2. Select a clip on the Shelf. Double-click the clip, choose File, Get Clip Info, or press Shift+ appear. +I. The Clip Info window will