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Capturing Content from VHS > Recording VHS Content on a DV Camera - Pg. 237

Adding Video and Sound from Movies or Television Shows to Your Digital Life- style Projects 237 Figure 11.1. If you connect the output of your VCR to the input of your DV camera, you can record content from a VHS tape on a DV tape. Check the VCR's Connection to Your DV Camera 1. 2. Power up the VCR and the DV camera. Play the VHS tape. You should see its output in the Monitor screen on the DV camera. If you do, your capture system is ready to go. If not, check the connection to make sure that you are connected to the output port of the VCR. If the connection looks okay, make sure that your DV camera is capable of recording from an external source and that you have it set in the correct mode to do so (check the user manual).