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Capturing Content from VHS > Importing VHS Content into iMovie - Pg. 238

Adding Video and Sound from Movies or Television Shows to Your Digital Life- style Projects 238 Importing VHS Content into iMovie After you have recorded content from VHS, you can import it into iMovie just like content you have captured using the camera's lens. NOTE For the detailed steps to import content from a DV camera into iMovie, see Chapter 4. Import Captured Content into iMovie 1. 2. Open iMovie and open or create the project in which you will use the content you have captured. Import the content from the DV camera. When you are done, the clips will be just like those you captured with the camera itself (see Figure 11.2). You can edit them, place them in movies, and so on. Figure 11.2. I captured this clip from the VHS version of the movie "Star Trek: First Contact." If the VHS content is from a 16 × 9 or widescreen version, the clip you capture will have black bars at the top and bottom of the screen, just as it does when you play that content on a 4 × 3 television. There isn't anything you can do about that with iMovie. NOTE Some DV cameras enable you to capture content in the 16 × 9 format. If you are going to be mixing footage you shoot with content from a 16 × 9 or widescreen VHS, you should also capture content in the 16 × 9 format with your DV camera. NOTE You can also capture audio clips from the VHS content you imported into iMovie, such as to create an alert sound or sound effect. You'll learn how to do this in the next chapter.