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Burning Your Own Soundtrack CD > Add the Soundtrack to Your iMovie Library - Pg. 267

Creating Your Own Soundtrack CDs 267 Finish the Soundtrack in QuickTime Player Pro 1. Open the movie containing the soundtrack in QuickTime Player (see Figure 14.2). Figure 14.2. This movie has a high-quality soundtrack, but a very tiny video track. 2. 3. Choose Edit, Delete Tracks. In the Delete Tracks dialog, select Video Track and click OK. The video track is removed from the movie (see Figure 14.3). Figure 14.3. This is the same movie without a video track. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Choose Export. In the "Save export file as" dialog, choose Movie to AIFF on the Export pop-up menu. Click the Options button. The same Sound Settings dialog that you saw in iMovie will appear. Make sure that the quality is maximum (48kHz as the rate and the 16 bit and stereo radio buttons selected). Click OK to close the Sound Settings dialog.