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Building Your iTools Web Site > Logging into HomePage - Pg. 316

Creating and Hosting a Digital Lifestyle Web Site with iTools which you are moving data. Unless you can increase this, it will help to have the patience of Gandhi to build a large site. (For those of you who enjoy a high-speed connection to the Internet, such as with a cable modem, you'll really appreciate the speed at which you can build a Web site.) 316 Building Your iTools Web Site After you have your site's content prepared, you can use the HomePage service to build your Web site. First, start by logging into HomePage. Then, you create the Web sites that you will be providing. After that, you create the pages that make up each Web site. Logging into HomePage To get started, log into your account and move to the HomePage page. Open the HomePage Web Page 1. Launch your Web browser and move to Internet Explorer includes a link to the iTools page on the default Favorites bar. Click the HomePage button or the HomePage tab. If you aren't logged into your account al- ready, you will see the iTools Login page. If you are logged in already, you will move directly to the HomePage page (and you can skip step 3). Log in to your iTools account. TIP 2. 3.