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Place Clips in a Movie > Place Clips in a Movie - Pg. 114

iMovie: The Swiss Army Knife of Digital Video Software 114 Figure 4.20. Here, you can see that I moved most of the clips from the Shelf to the Clip Viewer. 5. Preview the movie by playing it. Make sure that no clips are selected and press the Play button. The movie will play; you haven't added any transitions yet so all the clips run right into one another (the Straight Cut). Sometimes, this will look fine; sometimes it won't. You will add tran- sitions in the next phase. As you build your basic video track, keep the following points in mind: · When you select one or more clips on the Clip Viewer, the Monitor will show the clips that you have selected. Vertical lines in the Scrubber bar mark the boundaries of each clip. If you don't have any clips selected, the Monitor will show the contents of all the clips on the Clip Viewer, in other words, your entire movie. · If the Clip Viewer gets full, use its scroll bar to reveal empty space for more clips. · You change the order in which clips appear by dragging them around the Clip Viewer. When you move a clip between two other clips, they will slide apart to make room for the clip you are moving. Similarly, you can drag a clip from the Shelf to the Clip Viewer to be between clips that are already there. · When you have built your movie, choose Edit, Select None (or press +D) to deselect any clips that are selected. Press the Home key to move to the start of your movie. To preview your movie, press the Spacebar. Your movie will play. · You can use the same movement and editing controls with an entire movie as you can when dealing with an individual clip (such as fast forward). · You learned earlier that you can easily include still images in your movies. Rather than using a frame rate, still images use a duration, which is the amount of time the image appears onscreen. By default, this is 5 seconds, meaning that the still image appears for 5 seconds. You can change the duration for a still image when you add it to your movie. To do this, add the image to your movie by dragging it from the Shelf and placing it on the Clip Viewer. Select the image in the Clip Viewer and edit the value in the Time field (located at the top of the Clip Viewer toward its right end) to be the new duration for the image.