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iTunes: Burning Down the House 47 The other controls work just as they do for a CD or other source, such as the track checkbox, Shuffle button, and so on. You can also use the track checkbox to skip songs and play a song by double- clicking it just as you do when you listen to a CD. TIP To show the Genre column in the Browse pane, check the "Show Genre When Browsing" checkbox in the General tab of the iTunes Preferences window. Using the Song Information Window The iTunes Song Information window is a powerful tool that you can use to get information about tracks and to control specific aspects of those tracks. For example, earlier in this chapter, you learned how to associate an Equalizer preset with a specific song. The Song Information window enables you to do more than just this. To open the Song Information window, select a song and choose File, Get Info (or press +I). At the top of the window, you will see the song's title; you can change the song's name by editing the text in this field. This window has the following three tabs: · Info. Use this tab to get information about the song. · Tags. This tab enables you to apply various tags to the song, such as its artist, album, year, track number, and genre. You can also add comments about the song. · Options. Using this tab, you can change the relative volume level of the song, apply an Equalizer preset, and control the start and stop playback time. At the bottom of the window, you see the Prev Song button, which moves you to the previous song in the selected source; the Next Song button, which moves you to next song in the selected source; the Cancel button, which closes the window without saving your changes; and the OK button, which closes the window after saving your changes.