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Building DVDs in Mac OS X > Using iDVD to Create DVDs - Pg. 304

304 Chapter 18. Putting Your Projects on DVD The DVD is on its way to replacing the CD (and most other removable media) as the standard way to provide large amounts of digital data (okay, that is a bit of an exaggeration, the CD will be around for a long time to come). DVDs really offer only one benefit when compared to other removable media, but it is a huge one (pun intended). DVDs provide a tremendous amount of storage space on a single disc--most DVD media provide 4.7GB of storage space. No other removable media even comes close to the DVD's combination of price and storage space. The DVD's abundance of space and the fact that it is an all-digital media make the DVD the preferred choice for the distribution of commercial movies. And, with the introduction of DVD-R drives on the Mac (where Apple has again led the way), creating DVDs on personal computers has become a practical reality. NOTE One benefit that a CD does have over a DVD is the cost of each disc. Blank DVD media