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Building a Sound Track > Building a Soundtrack that Rocks - Pg. 133

iMovie: The Swiss Army Knife of Digital Video Software 2. 133 3. 4. 5. 6. Test your microphone setup by speaking into it or making the other kinds of sound you will be recording. If everything is working, you'll see a sound level bar in the area just above the Record Voice button that shows you the level of the sound that is being input. This bar should be moving to levels at least above halfway across the bar. If it isn't, move closer to the microphone so it gets better input. Drag the Playhead to the point in your movie at which you want to begin recording. Click Record Voice. Your movie will begin playing. Speak into the microphone or make the sound that you are recording. An orange bar will appear on the Audio 1 track to represent the sound you are recording. When you have recorded all the sound you want, click Stop. Edit the recorded sound using the same techniques that you use for other sound, such as music. Building a Soundtrack that Rocks After you have added various sounds to your movie, you are likely to have quite a cacophony of sound. The final step in creating a soundtrack is to mix all this sound together so your movie sounds the way you want it to. When you mix a soundtrack, you want to make sure that the following characteristics are true: · Sounds start and stop at the right time. · Relative volume levels are correct. · Sounds enhance one another (instead of detracting from one another). · The soundtrack complements the video track (for example, sound effects occur at appropriate moments).